Fantasy Soundtrack for the Divinity Saga Books

Music plays a huge part in my writing. If I had a fantasy book soundtrack, this list would make the cut for so many reasons beyond defining the images of my characters personalities! Awesome music and groups! Did music help get your creative juices flowing? If so, what songs would make up your fantasy book soundtrack and why?

Here is my list to name a few:

Krewella and Adventure Club— Rise and Fall

Love and Death Paralyzed (Har Megiddo remix)

Pillar- Awake 


Red-Hold me now

The Letter Black- Wounded

Icon For Hire-Call me Alive

Flyleaf-New Horizons



Divinity the Gathering Book One Excerpt:

She moved to open the passenger side door but I spoke first, “Wait, I still want to know what really happened to your face.” I said to her and she turned to face me in surprise.

I figured I’d take another shot at the question and getting the truth now since we had broken the ice per se.

I heard her sigh, “You wouldn’t believe me. No one would so what does it matter?” She then said softly.

It was my turn to look at her with my full attention now and I fixated her with a serious look that I hoped conveyed to her that I was listening and that I would believe her because I already knew anyway.

I turned on the overhead light so she could see me better and she looked away for a moment in thought.

“Try me.” I then said.

She paused then shook her head, “It…was a freak thing.” She then said as if she didn’t want to give me the truth just yet.

“I’m listening.” I replied.

She looked up at me and then closed her eyes for a minute.

The shape of her face was like a perfect doll and I hated that ugly bruising that spoiled her perfect pout.

She sat back against the seat for a while and we both sat in silence as I waited for her to speak.

“In my experiences, I’ve seen the ugliest sides of humanity at its worst and horrors that you could never even begin to imagine. I’ve always managed to keep an open mind, I’ve had to. Anyone in this world would be a fool not to, so don’t think that anything you want to tell me will seem…silly, unbelievable or ridiculous.” I then told her to give her an opening.

She looked over at me then and eyed me, “Don’t be so sure about that. What horrors are you talking about?” She asked with interest. Her pretty eyes were brightening and seemed more alert once again.

I smiled, “Let’s just say that there is very little that would or could ever shock or surprise me.” I then said.

She paused for a moment.

“Do you believe that there’s more in this world around us… than meets the eye? Like other-worldly forces?” She then asked.

“Other-worldly? Like Aliens? Ghosts?” I said on purpose, wanting her to come right out and say the word… even though it agitated the mere surface of my skin and ears to simply hear that misnomer in regards to myself and those in my legion.

She sighed and chuckled a bit, “No, not ghosts or Aliens. Other things like the forces of good and evil.” She then went on to say.

I nodded, “I’ve always believed that.” I carefully told her.

She seemed surprised at my response, which was a good thing.—-Conversation between Cam`ael and Starling

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