Author Susan Reid

The first book in the urban fantasy Divinity Saga is Divinity the Gathering Book One and is currently being sold on Amazon for .99 cents at Get the latest info in giveaways, free download dates and excerpts from both book one and soon to be release Divinity Transcendence Book Two! Follow on twitter @NewtBaby38


3 thoughts on “Author Susan Reid

  1. I’ve been thinking of adding excerpts in my blog of my book ‘Crossing The Line’. Does it work for you? I read somewhere that you can promote by blogging your book as you write it but I don’t think that I want to go that far!

    1. Hi Elle,
      It’s something that I started doing not too long ago and I think it has its advantages. For one, it definitely piques more interest because I think that sometimes people want to know more than what you’ve written in the description. As for sharing more than teaser sneak peeks, I’m with you…always leave something that makes the reader want to read more, hence they buy the book. So excerpts, I say go for it and pick the best one that conveys the theme of your book. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Hi Susan, I am very honored to meet you. I have just downloaded your book “Divinity: The Gathering: Book One (The Divinity Saga)”. I can’t wait to start reading. ~ Dennis

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