Special Announcements!!

This weekend, Divinity The Gathering Book one will finally become available on #Smashwords, #KOBO, SCIBD, IBooks, Apple and all the others under the sun, including Amazon. Shortly after, Divinity Transcendence Book Two will follow May 3rd! Near the end of May, Divinity Immolation Book Three will be released first on Amazon and yes, for the first 5 days…..it will be FREE. You’ll only know which days here on my blog, on twitter @BabyNewt38 and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DivinityTheGatheringBookOne. Book three will also follow the footsteps of the first two and so on for the last two books in the saga, and the accompanying companion novel to be announced. I’ve also got some hand-made jewelry that I will be including in giveaways. Speaking of, there may be a new one coming shortly after the release of book three, and I will be giving away not one, not two, not three BUT TEN autographed copies of Book Three!!! so check back often!


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