Current updates…

Its official! I’ve been peeping my head in and out of social media interaction for a while because there have been soooo many things are going on. There is just not enough hours in the day or days in a month it seems and of course life itself tends to totally zap your strength, faith and determination sometimes. Anyhow, I have many projects lined up right now, some of which are new books both in the Divinity Saga as well as a new title that I will keep hush-hush for now. Recently, I mentioned a fifth book, the prequel to the saga. To those who have read the saga so far, or want to read it soon, how many would like to know more about Cam’ael as an angel before he fell and was condemned as an Incubus, his existence as a new demon, and his first observance of Starling from his point of view? That story as well as a new trilogy is currently in the works. It will be a companion novel to the Divinity Saga after all 5 books have been released…but that could change, nothing is set in stone.  Lastly, I will be posting my very first Vlog on my website soon to talk about more of all of that!Image


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