New Projects coming!

New Projects coming!

Taking on a new venture which I will be doing during my hiatus, along with putting together my recipes that I’ve been wanting to start sharing from quite a while ago. Reviews of other amazing authors will also be in the mix too! My current project, in which I may offer up for sale later, depending on how it goes,..will be personalized jewelry and other small gifts with personalized names, art and symbols by request; written on a grain of rice! These are two cell phone charms that I made as gifts for friends. Items similar to these will also be a part of the Divinity Saga merchandise that I am trying to put together soon. Also, I will be posting my very first author interview vlog which I will post here and on my personal webpage! And I will be a part of a newly forming review group in the making and it will be Awesome! I’ll leave it hush-hush for now, but for more great info and to browse other amazing and supportive indie authors make sure and visit these two sites!: and In the meantime, happy holidays everyone!


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