I will be silent for the next few weeks…prepping and polishing Book Two for release! This is a good time to get Book One now  BOOK TWO WILL BE FREE for 5 DAYS to celebrate its release, so don’t miss date announcements! For now…I’ll leave you with a little something to look forward to!

With bated breath, I waited for the doors to open. I wanted to see the faces that the voices belonged to.
It remained shut.
I was puzzled, but I didn’t move.
Suddenly, I was aware of a figure moving towards me…from behind.
I couldn’t explain how I saw the movement, or how I was even aware of it without having to turn around, but I did. My heart began to thump wildly. My muscles began twitching with mounting energy.
I licked my lips, narrowing my mind’s eye like a predator, waiting for prey.
I could see the outline of an arm reaching out for me, like a mirage in the forefront of my inner sight. I spun around, grasping the arm without even so much as a blink or forethought. It was as if my body already knew exactly what to do before I could even process the command.
I actually lifted and threw whoever this was over my shoulder with ease, slamming him down hard onto the stone floor.
He grunted in surprise. I swiftly jammed my knee against his sternum, one hand cuffed his throat, and the other still clamped around his arm firmly. He made no moves to stop me, protect himself, or even fight back.
“Hey, whoa…take it easy. Friend, not foe. Not bad for a newbie.” He affirmed. He held his free hand out in surrender.
I glossed over both of his forearms, admiring the intricate, silver tattooing, all along each of his forearms.
He was African American, and young, like near my own age young. He was cute and…somehow vaguely familiar to me, as if I had seen him somewhere before. A slow smile played across his full lips.
The heavy wooden doors suddenly flew open, and six others lined the doorway. They were all wearing some form or semblance of the tunic and pant set that I had on, but in different colors.
There were three girls and two guys, and they all appeared to be as young as the one pinned beneath my knee did. They too, also bore the silver tattooing on each of their forearms, but the patterns clearly all differed. I found the tattoos peculiar, but uniquely stunning. I admired the artistic designs with coveting awe.
Were they some alien race of beings?
The guy with spiked black hair laughed, and they all began to parade towards us.
“Wow Durien, looks like you finally got laid…” He began.
The petite girl with long, flowing, platinum blond hair, stopped him with a punch to his arm in warning.
He feigned severe injury by rubbing his arm, complete with an innocent smile.
“Out, laid out. You didn’t let me finish.” He clarified to her first. “And by a female newbie at that too. Not good my man, you’re slipping.” He displayed a teasing grin at the guy still pinned beneath me.
“Interesting. I don’t see him making any moves to get up either. Can’t say that I blame him.” The blonde haired guy smirked at me.
I wasn’t sure what to make of their approach, even if they didn’t appear hostile towards me. I eyed each one of them, assessing and gauging body languages to match up with possible intents.
“It’s alright. You’re among your own, we’re all on the same side here.” The platinum blonde haired girl offered, as soon as they all gathered and stood around us.
Well, so far they all looked— and acted normal enough.

~~~Excerpt from: Divinity: Transcendence: Book Two 🙂


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