What Makes a MAN SEXY…

This is a random post, but since this is my blog page, I will speak what is on my mind regarding what I perceive through my own personal rose colored glasses. In other words, these are just my own opinions. I may be part of a small group of women still left in the world, or maybe I was just born into the wrong century. It’s not about how many hours in the gym he’s spent…although muscles are eye pleasing. It’s not about how much money and material things he has or can attain, like the car he drives and how big his bank account is. It’s not about how well endowed, or how good in bed he is… though that is a nice plus. In my own personal opinion, here is my list of what makes a man truly sexy:

1. A sexy man stands up for his woman and protects her if she is scared, upset, being hurt or attacked. (Unless she is in the wrong or is being irrationally crazy)

2. A sexy man proudly works to take care of and provide for his family. He spends quality time with his children, is a role model for them, and continues to “date” his woman to make sure that she remains the apple of his eye and knows that she is loved by him.  

3. A sexy man knows how to cook and actually does, not just on special occasions. (Not just mac and cheese, ramen noodles and hot dogs)

4. A sexy man knows how to compliment, and reciprocate thoughtfulness and feelings when it comes to his woman.

5. A sexy man cares about his appearance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean, hours in the gym or in the mirror, getting manicures or spending money on name brand and designer clothing. A shower, a splash of cologne, combing his hair, no constant baseball caps, deodorant, clean clothes and the brushing of teeth is what I mean by caring about appearance. Being healthy is also included, but healthy habits doesn’t mean you need to look like The Rock or a male Fitness Model.

6. Yes…pulling out a chair and opening doors for a woman is still considered chivalrously sexy. Any woman who says they don’t need or want a man to do that…doesn’t want a real man, let alone a sexy one. Men, there are still women out there that not only fawn over that…they actually APPRECIATE IT, I’m one of them.

7, Men don’t like to talk and discuss feelings, understandable, but a SEXY man, doesn’t mind an intimate chat every now and then.

8. A sexy man is handy, can change a tire, fix the garbage disposal or put together a bookshelf. One may not know how to do these things but learning how to do something, is even sexier.

9. A sexy man can admit fault and when he’s wrong. It’s hard for many men and women to do actually, but I still find it sexy.

10. A sexy man isn’t afraid of or avoids his own spiritual well fare and journey.

11. A sexy man is optimistic and strong but still able to be fair, open minded and humble.

12. A sexy man has a sense of humor.

13. A sexy man is an intuitive lover. One who loves to give as much as he likes to receive and isn’t afraid to try or be taught new things. (in reasonable contexts) 🙂

Lastly, 14. A sexy man has character, a sense of honor, morals and values, and isn’t afraid to help others and stick with them in the face of ridicule or opposition.


Again, these are just my own personal opinions and this is my blog page. I simply wanted to share my thoughts even though I may probably be a lone woman standing in the wilderness in thinking this way, but that’s ok and fine with me.


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