To Review or not Review…

Reviews…they are like GOLD to the authors, inventors and creators of any form of art whether it be a food dish, a painting, a movie and of course a book. I praise the efforts of reviewers, especially the ones who do them full time and puts unique enthusiasm and colorful prose into their reviews. It is a compliment to the author, that any person, reviewer or not, not only read the book, but felt compelled to write about it. A good review will either be a hook that will grab the interest of future readers, or a constructive critique that helps the author to improve their craft by citing weaknesses and strengths. Not every person that buys a book to read, will leave a review or even a rating. Authors should never expect or demand it, you can always ask though, and even find sites where reviewers are looking to review books. Some people do that as a hobby! In my experience though, many people have offered to review books, but never do and I’m not sure if it’s to simply get free books, or perhaps my book was so bad it wasn’t worth the review effort, (that’s possible) or maybe they have taken on way too many to remember they even had my book to begin with. Either way, I do take it as a compliment too when a reviewer offers to review my book. Many people don’t even know how to write reviews, and I am guilty of that myself at times, even though I write books! Though it can be disappointing, given the blood, sweat, heart, soul and tears put into actually finishing a book , its to be expected and I have learned that quickly. To me, I look at it this way…If a person was willing to scroll through a list of thousands upon thousands of SIMILAR books in the genre that I write, read my description AND my sample provided, and STILL paid to download it…that is all the flattery that I need in knowing that they were interested enough to buy it. You can look at it two ways, no review doesn’t necessarily mean that a person didn’t like the book, I have enjoyed many that I didn’t leave reviews for. However, no review can also attribute to the old adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”, that the reader actually hated it that much. In that case, it’s beneficial that they don’t leave a review as to bring down the average of any current ratings you may have. So to sum it all up, reviews….I cherish them and love them! It means my work is out there, people like it, and people know who I am in this competitive world of writing. In the end, for me…that’s all the satisfaction I need. After all, I write because I really, really love to write. To all of those who have read my books, or will read my books in the future….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and support! I have fun when I write and I hope that comes through in the words of my novels as you read them. I truly enjoy each book that I create, for your enjoyment and reading pleasure! 😀


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