Indie or Not….

Being an Indie author as opposed to being contracted to a publisher poses many challenges in the world of exposure, competition, marketing and getting your name established in the literary world. However, it definitely offers many rewards and certain freedoms at the same time. I myself like being Indie, but I would not complain if my books were picked up by a well-known publishing house either. I guess my point is, whether or not you are self published or published through an agency, the same thing remains true and everyone knows this…”Not everyone will like or respond well to what you have written”. Should that stop you from writing? Hell no! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, tastes, likes and dislikes. What makes you successful is your desire, passion and the guts you have to continue to believe in yourself, and leave your mark on the world in a positive way. In this instance, through the power of the written word! Like myself and many others, writing comes from the soul, the heart and the spirit. We write to entertain and to share a piece of ourselves with others. I’m sure many, many people have probably written something, but it takes a positive attitude and gumption to share it with the entire world that makes you stand apart from those. It’s a scary thing to leave yourself open to either be accepted and praised, or be criticised by hateful remarks, and those who simply live to crush the dreams of others. Everyone on this planet has something to offer, whether it be a skill, knowledge, love, the gift of entertaining, creativity etc., and we should continue to support and uplift those people and their efforts. That’s what makes the world a better place. So, hopefully some will find my brief words of encouragement helpful for whatever task or project they may be working on to share with the world. I wish everyone the best, and never stop, give up or give in to anyone or anything. Here is an interesting link to a blog that was given to me by a fellow author, check it out when you have a chance! As always, happy writing and reading!


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