Divinity Transcendence Book Two…

Thank you for all that have either purchased or taken advantage of the free days I offered for Divinity the Gathering Book One! I am also listed on authorgraph, so always remember to get your ebook signed by yours truly! I will be posting the cover reveal here really, really soon and maybe even a teaser excerpt! Divinity Transcendence Book Two is set to be released in the Fall, more specifically nearing my birthday in October! Right before then, I will offer Book One for free once again for those that may have missed the recent days. Also, I will be doing a book, swag pack giveaway just in time for the holidays, and I will be posting the details of that soon too! If you’re following my blog, you’ll be in the know. I appreciate the support of each and every person whether it be from an ebook or paperback purchase, interest in the Divinity Saga, or simply following my blog or on twitter. Lots of exciting things are coming up, and I look forward to all new supporters and potential fans all across the world! Book promotion is a tough when you’re an indie, especially when the market is both subjective and extremely competitive against so many other talented authors. None the less, it only takes a single, lone spark to start a wildfire. What things do you do to creatively promote your works? I’d love to hear from everyone!

As always, I appreciate and thank you so much! Happy reading! 🙂


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