Easy Oreo embellished Cake…

If you’re a fan of dunking your oreos in milk, like I am. This is a really easy spin on plain white cake mix!

1 box of plain white cake mix 

1 8 oz  pack of cream cheese

Large tub of cool whip

And of course, one large package of Oreos!

This recipe was for a 9×9 pan. If you use a larger pan, adjust ingredients. Ex: 2 boxes of cake mix, 1 and half packs of 8 oz cream cheese, extra tub of cool whip and extra pack of oreos)

Crumb approximately 8 -12 oreos in a blender or food processor, set aside.

Follow cake mixing instructions on package as normal. (meaning you’ll probably also need, eggs, vegetable oil and water in addition)

The only difference is, you will be adding the 8 oz cream cheese (at room temperature)  and the oreo crumbs into the cake mix.

Bake at the temperature and time according to box instructions.

Let cake COMPLETELY cool first!

Frost generously with cool whip.

Lay cookies on top and sides. Let chill for about 20 to 30 minutes before serving. Cookies will be soft, equivalent to dunking them in milk! Cake should be kept refrigerated. Enjoy!



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