Another Teaser Excerpt from Divinity the Gathering Book One…

I slammed the flashlight into the shadows’ face, feeling it instantly connect but not without jarring my wrist and elbow from the impact. I bit my lip to stifle a scream. This shadow demon was real; firm enough for me to hurt myself from the recoil. It didn’t even flinch so I doubted my efforts did any good or damage, but it definitely ticked him off. I didn’t even see its fist raise up, and surely wasn’t expecting the excruciating, nearly blinding explosion of pain that rocked my entire face and head…making my teeth rattle. I went literally flying…skidding down the slick floor of the corridor like a skee-ball, on my back towards the direction of the living area near the front desk.

 Despite the unexpected assault and my momentum, I managed to force myself into a sideways roll to gain some sort of leverage, in order to stop myself. I tasted bile in the back of my throat, and the coppery sweet tang of blood began to fill my mouth. I saw stars, the pain in my face and my head was so intense, I was wavering on the edge of unconsciousness. I coughed, winced and groaned trying to regain my senses, as I spat out a glob of blood and gagged with an automatic urge to heave and vomit. There was a bright flash of light. Lightning? I wasn’t sure. Suddenly the oncoming shadow was gone. Now where the hell was everyone else?

 “Don’t you fuck this up!” I heard a low inhuman hiss from the other side of me. I couldn’t see who or where the voice was coming from. My stomach twisted and churned, not only from the blow to my face, but because the smell of decay and sulphur was so rank, it burned my nose. I looked up as another flash of lightning lit up the corridor. Two more shadow demons were coming at me swiftly. The closer it got, the more I could make out that it was a completely different one from the first. This demon had eyes that glowed orange, and it bore the head of a boar mounted on a bulging body resembling ‘Thing’ from the Marvel Comics. There was another smaller one beside him, taking on the physical shape of a female with stringy, floating hair. “Quickly and do not strike her!” She hissed.

No! Where were they trying to take me? When was I gonna wake up from yet another incredibly realistic dream? I began to half crab-walk; half slide backwards as the boar headed one grabbed my foot, and began to drag me across the floor. I was forcefully being pulled across the hall, and back towards the front entrance doors. I screamed and kicked my legs, arms outstretched in the opposite direction with my palms to the floor, wishing I could grab onto something, but I couldn’t see a damned thing— even if I had long nails there was nothing to dig into.

I prayed and prayed for the lights to come back on, soon. Just then, the front doors burst open on their own, the rain fell in the background against the darkness, like a millions of needles, lit up into fragments by the random lightning.

“Keep it up and I’ll simply break it!” The boar headed one jeered in a bass leveled voice, as he struggled with my attempts to break free from his hold.

“No blood! Pick her up, you moron!” The female one fussed sharply. I continued to struggle, actually man-aging to wiggle my foot part way out of my black-and-white, all-star Chuck Taylor’s.

My teeth pierced through my already throbbing and swollen lip, in my attempt to suppress the sharp scream that burned in the back of my throat. Instead, it came out as more of a muffled whine.

I kicked even harder despite the pain, in survival mode now; feeling my shoe begin to loosen, and finally my foot painfully slid out of it. My ankle throbbed angrily, and once I was free… I wasted no time rolling over prone and crawling military style back towards the living area as fast as I could move.

I felt the diabolical hands around my ankles once more, and I automatically kicked furiously, ignoring the intense pain from my already twisted ankle as I was dragged across the slick floor again; choking on more blood, trying to scream this time. In the next instant, something else happened, and I felt the demon’s grip spontaneously fall, causing my leg to come down hard and making me cry out.

A white, serpentine light wrapped around its entire black form, illuminating it as well as the female, and within seconds, they both cursed as they dissipated in puffs of foul wisps, as if they had never been there to begin with. What?

What had just happened and why haven’t I woken up yet? Whatever it was, I was grateful and relieved though fragments of shock, and fear remained chilled my veins. I felt faint despite my still rapidly thumping heart, and both my face and head throbbed excruciatingly. I groggily got to my feet, wincing at the pain in my ankle and feeling dizzy when I stood on it.

 I felt blindly for the wall in order to guide myself back towards the front desk, stumbling as if I were drunk.


Divinity Transcendence Book Two is right around the corner!

Check back for dates, because it will be free for download when Book Two is released!


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