So why Divinity the Gathering? Where did the idea come from?


       There are many dimensions and realms within the Universe. We as humans exist in the mortal realm. In the spirit realm, however, an hourglass has been turned over — and the darkness within waits to take it from us. Many people have either caught glimpses, or have heard voices that echo from out of nowhere from time to time, without a source or an explanation. Then there are those that hear and see them all of the time.

They are chosen.

       The spirit realm is all around us, and there are millions of dark beings who constantly watch— and listen. They wait to hurt, destroy, kill, and ultimately enslave. But humans are resilient.

Divine warriors are the Marines of the spirit realm. They are chosen by the creator, to battle against darkness, and protect both the free will, and the lives of regular mortals from the sinister darkness.

Being chosen is a destiny, and just as we have no power to choose who we are, how we were created, and where we came from, we do have the power to choose light or dark.

       This is both a reality, and a dilemma, which has been handed to college Sophomore, Starling Roberts. She is like many others that have been chosen. Will she accept it, or will she give in and surrender to the strengthening dark forces, as the end of the mortal world draws near?

So what inspired this story you ask?

A combination of observation, dreams and a vivid imagination regarding any and everything mysterious, or questionable about the world around us has always been the perfect recipe for why I absolutely love genres such as fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and even horror. I love the idea of a bad guy with a small propensity for, or given some kind of motivation to do good, or the right thing. Turning monsters or supernatural beings into a relatable character. and losing yourself in a world that may or may not exist beyond our own, is the best escape I can think of when reading, or watching a movie. Love and romance are elements that bring it all together, and even not so happy endings, sometimes make a good story too. I am a huge horror genre fan, but I am the biggest chicken there is, which is why I only tend to read horror books, rather than watch the movies. I think when you see something visually; it tends to leave a more lasting imprint than simply reading words.


       The compulsion to write Divinity the Gathering, came from a repetitive dream that I kept having about what appeared to me, to be the end of the world. At first, it was meant to be just one book, but after I had finished creating each character, how they interacted with one another, what they were going through and ultimately striving for, I knew there was no way I could end it all in only one book.

       When I finally wrote down the details of my dream, I saw a story in it. That was when I created Starling and began writing the story around her. I wanted to know how a young girl, who has dealt with tragedy all her life, and had no firm belief in religion, or miracles, would handle seeing demons, escaping their pursuits and surviving their attacks — not knowing that she was destined for something far greater in her next life. After that, my dreams actually stopped. I am a very spiritual person, and I always take omens like that seriously.

       I also incorporated my own personal experiences, having seen many unexplainable things like shadows and hearing strange things for many years of my life. In those dreams, I was always watching from a third person perspective, which is where the character of Starling began to develop, and ultimately came about.

 Interested in finding out how it all goes down and turns out? Get it here today! :

(Not my image, nor is it associated with my book cover, it is courtesy of Devil May Cry.)


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