I want to give a quick hello out there, a hi, very much a pleasure to meet all the recent and current followers of my blog page, even those who have stopped by to simply visit and take a quick peek around! Thanks so much all of you!! :D

***New series coming soon!****

Shortly after the release of Book 3 in the Divinity Saga, I will be releasing book 1 of my newest series. I’ve kept super hush-hush about it so far until now! I’ll give a bit of a hint, if you like the idea of both magical and elemental beings with an urban flair, then I think that you’re going to really enjoy this one! Stay tuned and follow my blog to get the first sneak peak and announcements for free download days once it is published! :D

I thought this would be fun to share….

Like many, many authors, a great deal of many tunes and music inspire me when I write. Art compliments Art, no matter what medium it may be whether a painting, a song, a movie, a sculpture and of course, books and stories of all genres! I’ve created a fantasy theme soundtrack for each of my two characters, for anyone familiar with my books already. This is also my way of giving a shout out and tribute to these awesome artists and their music! You should definitely check them out because they are definitely worth a listen!

The Divinity Saga Theme: 

Adventure Club and Krewella- Rise and Fall (Krewella remix)

Revolr and Sue Cho- Who’s gonna save us

Starlings Theme Music:

Blacklisted me ft. Nicholas Matthews – Reprobate Romance

Ellie Goulding (W/Skrillex)- Bittersweet

Icon for Hire- Call me Alive

Skrillex ft. Ellie Goulding and Krewella- Breathe (Bukkan extended remix)


The Letter Black- Wounded

Krewella- One Minute

Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope – (The Hardest Mistakes) I See Stars

Cam`ael’s Theme Music:

Korn Ft. (Skrillex and Kill the Noise)-Narcissistic Cannibal

Red- Die for you

Love and Death- Paralyzed (Har Megiddo Remix)

Pillar- Awake

Pillar- Further from Myself

Demon Hunter- I will Fail You

Red- Hold me now 

Enjoy! *** Some of these, I am a huge fan of, in case you were wondering! :D

Special Flashback Anniversary Treat !! :D

Hello All,

I’m a pretty shy person, social media challenged, even though I love meeting and interacting with new people on Twitter and Facebook. I’m also very introverted in many ways, like many authors too (I think). Anyway,  it’s been a while but I came across an interview that I was appreciative of being able to give and have posted on this awesome blog page below. Though it’s almost been a year old now, and book two (which I mentioned as a current project in it) has now been out for several months, I wanted to share this with anyone interested in knowing more about me and The Divinity Saga’s Origins. This has probably been about as up close and personal as I’ve gotten on any one interview about pretty much everything regarding the saga, including on my own personal pages! So enjoy! 



Divinity the Gathering Book One: 







Divinity Transcendence Book Two: